Pool Players

Pool and Billiard sports are as addictive as they are entertaining, but besides the addiction there are many benefits associated with take part in play these games.

Firstly, as it is one of the most famous and recognisable sports over the world, its very easy to access a table to play on all over the world. With this ease of access, you will find a large number of opponents at different playing levels all over the world.

Further still research depicts that players who play cue sports like snooker, pool, carom, and others are unknowingly honed with a high degree of concentration since the game requires extreme concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Cue Sports allow you to engage in physical movement and activity, with no sweat. Think about your body when you play pool, with the constant bends, stretches, squats, one leg on the ground shots, mental gyrations, some leaping and cheering, all with minimal to no sweat. Where else can you expect to find all that?

They create a competitive spirit in any one who plays and competitiveness is something we all need in our day to day wellbeing.

It May be played by everyone regardless of age, sex even those with a few disabilities.
Through experience I can’t for get to mention the fact that knowing how to play billiards can help boost self-esteem more especially if you win.

When playing cue sports, there is so much to do with motions, friction, vectors, ball collisions, angles when escaping from snookers, so much estimate and calculation and in life there is no way one can excel without a sharp mind, and cue sports can equip you with one.